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The Lenart LSC welcomes you! 

You can contact any LSC member to request an item be placed on the LSC Meeting agenda. You can also attend meetings and speak at the open forum at every regular meeting. 


The Principal is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the school whose primary responsibility is implementing the decisions and the day-to-day operations of the school. The LSC is in essence the Board of Directors.



Joseph Peila (Administrator-in-Charge)



Dr. Keisha Kidan


Vice Chairperson
Dr. Shenay Carter


Parent Representatives

Valentine Bate

Tiffany Harston

Candice Miller

Johnathan Thomas


Teacher Representatives

Jennifer Chin (FOIA/OMA)

Agnes Juarez (Secretary)


Non-Teaching Staff Representative

Carl Fraley


Community Representatives



Student Representative

Aminah K.


You can find bios of each LSC member on the right side of this page in your web browser or bottom of this page in your mobile app under "Lenart LSC."

SY 23-24 LSC Meeting Dates
Meeting Location: Lenart Auditorium (in-person) and Google Meet (virtual)
● August 15
● September 19
● October 17
● November 14
● December 5 (morning meeting at 8 am)
● January 16
● February 20
● March 19
● April 16
● May 28
4/10/2024 Certified LSC Election Results
Parent Representatives: (Number of votes in Bold)
  • Clay Braggs - 52
  • Shenay Carter - 63
  • Tiffany Harston - 65
  • Keisha Kidan - 62
  • Candice Miller - 61
  • Johnathan Thomas - 63
  • Valentine Bate - 20
Teacher Representatives:
  • Jennifer Chin - 2
  • Yahesa Worsham - 4
Non-Teaching Staff Representative:
  • Carl Fraley - 2
Community Representative:
Student Representative:
Leah S.